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From the Mouth of a 4-Year-Old

SabasHe is 4 years old, unfiltered, and my life-coach/spiritual advisor. He is the great and all-powerful Sabas.

During my most recent therapy session with Sabas, he looked at my right knee which was peeking through the orange-sized hole in my jeans. He stared for a moment, putting his thoughts together, as I feverishly opened the Notes app on my iPhone to type in what was sure to be more brilliance from his 4-year-old mind.


The conversation went like this:

Sabas: "Matt, only girls have pants with holes in them."

Me: "Oh?"

Sabas: "That's OK, you can glue them."

It's that simple.

On another occasion I saw something on Sabas' neck and said, "What's that on your kneck?" Without skipping a beat, Sabas answered "I think it's cow poop that makes the plants grow."

When it comes to life coaching, Sabas' rules are simple. For example, on a recent walk to the corner store, I told Sabas I only had one rule. Sabas responded with a very important rule of his own for the trip.

Me: "Here's the rule! You have to walk with us. You can't run ahead of us."

Sabas: "And Matt, rule #2: No farting."

That's all for today.

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Reader Comments (1)

I only had one rule when I was out with my daughter.

The Rule
"No dying on my watch"

When she asked my why I had this rule I said because your mother will kill me and I don't want to die today. Upon understanding what this rule meant she started to invent scenarios/crazy stories where the rule would be broken for her own amusement.

May 20, 2011 | Unregistered Commenters0meb0dy

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