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Pod Zeppelin 31 - "Haireola"

Pod Zeppelin 31 - "Haireola"

In this episode: Rebecca Black? Can anybody be a star? The Wacky Wall Walker and other stupid toys from our youth, crazy shit the 4-year-old in Matt's house says, a new entry in the Pod Zeppelin Dictionary, will Macy Gray be a guest on the show? An edition of Rap Lyrics featuring the genius of Nate Dogg, Chris Brown loses his mind after a Good Morning America interview, Do we treat Chris Brown differenly than Charlie Sheen? The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Would you remarry after a divorce or death? Matt explains why cats are the worst pets on the planet, and Death, Destruction, Politics, and Mayhem featuring Sammy Hagar's Alien Abduction, Iran's Flying Saucer, Tommy Lee's new "investigative" reality show, The Foo Fighters tell Glee "Yeah, fuck that shit." What kind of man puts balls on the back of his pick-up truck? Actually hangs balls on the back of his truck? Sarah Palin has a stalker, .XXX porn sites coming to the internet, lame personalized license plates, and America! Fuck yeah!

The show is made complete by music from King's X, Halford, State Line Empire, Sixx: A.M., Danko Jones, Madam Adam, and Team America.

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