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Pod Zeppelin 72 - "Tell Me How My Ass Tastes"

Pod Zeppelin 72 - "Tell Me How My Ass Tastes"

A Scottish brewing company called Brew Dog has come up with a special brew for the Royal Wedding that contains herbal viagra, we uncovered Sam Adams' new flavor, we take a phone call from some trolls, Matt has a problem with hack radio hosts, Funk & Nathan take their dogs to the Silverlake dog park, meet a girl & realize she thought they were gay lovers, politicians & the brilliant things they say, the new cast of Celebrity Apprentice is announced, the biggest grossing bands in 2011, Tim Tebow, the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the week, more troll calls, the mouse in a Pepsi can, the 'internet blocker' and why it's lame, we talk about our first time online, Matt's holiday, Brother Rob's internet abuse, Jen's "prep", and Death Destruction, Politics & Mayhem: the News segment. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 71 - "Fecesbook"

Pod Zeppelin 71 - "Fecesbook"

Matt gets into a Facebook argument with a douche while 200+ people watch against their will, an old friend wants to erase one of our shows because of a reality tv show, people need to be less uptight and speak like adults, the one word that drives people absolutely nuts, the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Trent Reznor's Zeppelin cover, we discuss new movies, Bill Maher goes to twitter and slams Tim Tebow, Brother Rob thinks Jesus should come back as a rapper, Target is full of pregnant women and slow cashiers, the most memorable fail moments of 2011, the ugliest cars of 2011, the hottest cars of 2011, worst jobs of 2011, and the end-of-year death, destruction, politics & mayhem. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 70 - "Amazingly Unhappy"

Pod Zeppelin 70 - "Amazingly Unhappy"

Matt gets stuck in an elevator with the world's biggest pussy, Louis CK on Conan a few years ago hits it on the head: "Everything is amazing and nobody is happy," idiots on their cell phones, we discuss how amusement parks have spoiled the youth of today, The @jennyJohnsonHi5 tweets of the week, We play the game "Rob's iPod" and Jen's first time doesn't go so well, We call the Hall & Oates emergency hotline and discover more hotlines, Matt finds some sweet mashups online, What would Google advice sound like? And the rest of what happened this week in Death, Destruction, Politics & Mayhem.

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Pod Zeppelin 68 - "Propeller Head"

Pod Zeppelin 68 - “Propeller Head”

Matt starts off the night watching fat strippers who post YouTube videos, we get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2012. We disagree with some of them. We introduce you to the second coming of Freddy Mercury, Marc Martel, and Adam Lambert & how much Jen loves him, The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the week, Will Farrell loves Old Milwaukee Beer in Davenport, Iowa, Coke in a white can - but Matt's a Pepsi guy & drinks WAY too much of it, horrible new Tebow tattoo’s, Let's all move to the new Earth! it's only 600 light years away... Rick Perry's new "strong" tv spot, Mythbusters shoots a cannon through a house, Left handed schizo’s, fires burning without protection, some woman walked into a propeller, another woman got crushed by an elevator, The Muppets and Liberal Hollywood, Polish Sex & everything else that happened this week. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 67 - "Occu-Spray"

Pod Zeppelin 67 - "Occu-Spray"

We start the show wondering whether or not there is a Santa Claus and Robin Robinson from Fox Chicago News sets the record straight and then apologizes for it, Herman Cain calls it quits & rips off Pokemon, Billy Mays presents OCCU-SPRAY, The difference between men & women when it comes to thinking about sex, Jerry Sandusky bullshit and his bullshit, The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the week, Is Mac & Cheese a Black thing? Jimmy Walker's an Asshole, A man kills his wife with a flashlight, Cops & Weed, Cavemen eat fish, a robber sues his victims, Elevators for cars & billion dollar condos, US Airlines upgrades its first class, and everything else that happened this week. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 66 - "XM 165 Debut"

Pod Zeppelin 66 - “XM 165 Debut”

On this episode of Pod Zeppelin, we introduce the show to our new XM listeners, the shopping season is upon us and the world is full of germs: we'll give you a list of the dirtiest places at the mall, we’ll play the lyrics game, the Real Basketball Coach Housewives of Syracuse University and basement molestation, the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, the San Diego hottie and her lost Chihuahua, Oops I shot my friend and myself, giving change to homeless beggers, a guy gets married and then jumps off a bridge and kills himself, huge fake yarn breasts, accidental millionaires in Australia, and so much more. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 65 - "Choke on a Dick"

Pod Zeppelin 65 - “Choke On A Dick”

We kick it off by complaining about working the Thanksgiving holiday, the Bob Costas/Jerry Sandusky interview highlights, Matt gives Jen, Rob, & Funk a Thanksgiving quiz, The JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Funk chokes on a dick, Matt has 99 problems about the NY “Football” Giants, Backing into parking spots, a shitty "morning" show, Andy Dean: “The King of New Content” gets owned, Matt meets Corey Taylor (just barely) at Downtown Disney & did some bootleggin', we can sing The National Anthem better than B. Taylor, Ashton & Demi are done, The "Fitchuation" returns, REM calls it quits, and lots of strange and fucked up stories in the news. Check it out, dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 64 - "Penn State"

Pod Zeppelin 64 - “Penn State”

We begin with the Penn State tragedy and the facts up to that point. Matt, Funk, and Jen are blown away by Brother Rob’s very different opinion of the Penn State coverage. Funk arrives with the final chapter of the ex-girlfriend drama, the JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the week - Funk thinks Jenny has "jumped the shark.” Rick Perry forgets the third thing, Herman Cain's latest grope story, Funk's Task Rabbit plan, Funk's what's your price plan, Matt’s one of the losers who pre-ordered Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Bret Rattner & why he isn't producing the Oscars, Heavy D is dead, the new Megadeth & how much Jen hates it, and everything else worth talking about this week in the news: Death, Destruction, Politics, & Mayhem. Check it out, dig it.


Pod Zeppelin 63 - "Dumpster Skank"

Pod Zeppelin 63 - “Dumpster Skank”

Funk, the fat girl, the dumpster, Blake from sales, and the purse, fun with Chris Hanson and To Catch a Predator, a McRib update, Matt bought a new car, Paranormal Activity 3, the JennyJohnsonHi5 tweets of the week, The blow job update, songs with sexual innuendoes, and everything else worth talking about in Death, Destruction, Politics, and Mayhem: The Pod Zeppelin News. Check it out, Dig it.


Pod Zeppelin 62 - "Death by Misadventure"

Pod Zeppelin 62 - “Death by Misadventure”

Matt discusses his new car plans & how bad his credit is, Jen talks about her stand-up comedy experience, we discuss the Robs favorite meal of the year: The McRib and its crazy fans,"This Week in Porn Theatre", Amy Winehouse update, the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, this week's Blow Job Update with a special plea for help for Brother Rob and Death, Destruction, Politics & Mayhem - otherwise known as the news, and everything that made headlines this week. Check it out, dig it.