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Pod Zeppelin 61 - "Allways"

Pod Zeppelin 61 - “Allways”

Matt's road rage becomes road taunting, This Week in Porn Theater: Funk does a voiceover session with Porn Star Jessica Drake & asks for more vagina.  Matt saw a tattoo on some guy's head, managed to take a picture and we discuss bad tattoos. The BlowJob update: We all bring you up to speed on if we have been given (or Jen has given) any blowjobs this week. Matt finally finds a place that sells Schweddy Balls & tried it, and doesn't have pleasant things to say about it. Matt urges us to watch American Horror Story, The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the week, Michael Winslow from the Police Academy Movies does Led Zeppelin, Vanity License plates that suck, An introduction to The Tug Toner, and a ton more. Check it out, Dig it.


Pod Zeppelin 60 - "Jizzplait Yogurt"

Pod Zeppelin 60 - "Jizzplait Yogurt"

The crew discusses the C-Word (the really cool dirty c-word) and other words and how they fit into society in 2011. A BJ update for everyone,  we speak to a ‘freaker’ (phone hacker) about how he got into Paris Hiltons voicemail, @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Women on the Pill choose boring lovers, Sex can lead to amnesia, Dr. Conrad Murray trial update, Family calls 911 after getting lost in a corn maze, Glenn Beck is a lunatic, Woman samples jizz-tainted yogurt, Chris Tucker is losing his florida mansion and Matt hosted Funk for a football game and he brought a female! Check it out, Dig it.



Pod Zeppelin 58 - "Flip Flops Are Sexy"

Pod Zeppelin 58 - “Flip Flops Are Sexy”

The Conrad Murray trial is ridiculous, Jen has a horrifying experience at El Pollo Loco, Matt’s getting old -- he bought reading glasses. Cancer chemo and radiation treatments, Jen thinks that flip-flops are extremely hot on men, Jen won Dancing with the Neighborhood Stars. Matt thinks Jen won because her competition was a bunch of lard-ass women, we get an update on Funk ex who ripped him for $600, the mens room smells because guys are pissing in it, Sketcher Shape Ups, Nancy Grace’s nipple, @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of theWeek, Matt tries a new bit called ‘Love/Hate,’ Andy Rooney is leaving 60 Minutes, Matt’s adventures in Cub Scout meetings, a man ignores Great White Shark warnings, enters water and is attacked by a Great White Shark and so much more. Check it out, Dig it.


Pod Zeppelin 57 - "The Womb Shifter"

Pod Zeppelin 57 - “The Womb Shifter”

Sarah Palin likes the black cock, Mike Tyson has a name for huge black cocks, Floyd Mayweather Jr. slams Larry Merchant and HBO, A nationally syndicated talk show host Matt and Funk work with wears socks into the mens room. What movies do you stumble across while flipping channels and have to watch it until the end? Which movies do you quote the most and is it a guy thing? Matt reads from an erroneous news report regarding Cumulus Broadcasting, A Craigslist ad for a Yoga mat, @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Chaz Bono has turned into Turtle from Entourage, L.A. Firefighters and porn movies, Schweddy Balls and so much more. Check it out, Dig it.



Pod Zeppelin 56 - "You Gave Money To Who?"

Pod Zeppelin 56 - “You Gave Money To Who?”

Funk gave money to an ex! Jen’s boyfriend Leslie calls in to the show to answer one very important question. Matt was in a car accident, the moronic things people do in the car on the freeway, Ron Jaworski curses on MNF, @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Matt doesn’t think Funk shouldn’t take women to his place, Jermaine Jackson and his Jacko escape plan, Michael Jackson calls in from the dead, a random lesbian caller wants to be on Millionaire Matchmaker, man bites off another mans eyebrow, and so much more. Check it out, Dig it.



Pod Zeppelin 55 - "Santorum"

Pod Zeppelin 55 - "Santorum"

Matt finds his best material in the bathroom at work or at El Pollo Loco and this show is no different. We introduce you to Nathan, the man behind “Suck Them Titties!” You’ll be shocked when you direct your browser to Next, Google the last name of the former senator from Pennsylvania: Santorum. It’s not a political web site. Rapper The Game shows his intelligence when it comes to gays. The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Funk channels crazy Bill O’Reilly and it’s f$%@ing hilarious, the story of one sperm donor and his 150+ kids! Friend of the show, Jonathan “John Redcorn” Joss, is in the recent True Grit movie... for 2 seconds. Gumby tries to rob a 7-11, What women don’t tell their husbands, and the news, otherwise known as Death, Destruction, Politics and Mayhem. Check it out, Dig it.


Pod Zeppelin 54 - "The FUNKet List"

Pod Zeppelin 54 - "The FUNKet List"

Matt channels Eric Cartman and blasts Jen, Assholes who don’t know what to order at a fast food restaurant, How dare we drink a soda in the morning, The FUNKet List, Panthers owner tells Cam Newton to avoid tattoos and piercings, ‘Bat Shit Crazy?’ What? @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Glenn Beck wants to know what to call black people and you have to hear it to believe it, comedian Katt Williams tells a Mexican man to go back to Mexico and we have the audio, someone calls the show and has nothing to say, California freaks out over an Earthquake... A 4.2. 51 plus 16 equals love? Listen to Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden explain their bizarre marriage, No same sex partners on DWTS, the worst drivers in the U.S., a boy was shot with a crossbow, feet are washing ashore in Canada and so much more. Check it out, Dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 53 - "Angry Shovel"

Pod Zeppelin 53 - “Angry Shovel”

We all learn what an Angry Shovel is thanks to Jen’s sister, Kristie. Funk visited the Playboy Mansion and intends to ‘close the deal’ with the 2011 Playmate of the Year. Jim Carrey posted a creepy video message to Emma Stone. Jen says it’s a joke. Funk hangs with Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd who is drunk and extremely high. The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, bull semen closes a Tennessee highway, an idiot photographed trying not to get washed away by hurricane Irene, a Japanese student went over Niagara Falls, No reality stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, our favorite high school comedy movies, none of which Funk has ever scene. A Mennonite college has banned the National Anthem because it’s ‘too violent.’ A 95-year-old man was stung nearly 600 times by a swarm of bees, Qadaffi has a spank book of Condoleezza Rice photos, Uncle Frank from the Jimmy Kimmel show died, and much more. Check it out, Dig it.

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Pod Zeppelin 52 - "Because It's Humpday"

Pod Zeppelin 52 - "Because It's Humpday"

The show starts a bit chaotic, much like the voices in Cooper's head, but it comes to a serious stop when Matt starts a discussion about the release of the West Memphis Three. Brother Rob is not sympathetic to those who may be wrongly accused, to say the least. The conversation transitions to Hoarders and the idiots who make up juries. You'll hear the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week as well as Anderson Cooper of CNN giggling (his word) uncontrollably when delivering a poo joke. Do straight men use the word 'giggle?' Ever? What are the worst movie remakes? We'll discuss that and much more in the Pod Zeppelin news segment, Death, Destruction, Politics and Mayhem. Check it out, Dig it, Download it.

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Pod Zeppelin 51 - "Jerk Box"

Pod Zeppelin 51 - "Jerk Box"

Brother Rob was absent, yet he wasn't. Matt wonders why people work way beyond 8-hours without any extra pay. Funk, a man, had to answer the phones for a Sirius/XM show called the Jerk Box. Will Funk get a freebie at the Mustang Ranch? Jen's sister checks in from Kansas City, Funk breaks the news that Jani Lane was found dead, turns out Jen really was FAT, the @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Matt enjoys some very childish fun with the audio feature on Google Translate, the art community is shit, Paul Stanley of Kiss had a new daughter at 59! How old is too old? And a man gets drunk on a plane and pisses on a little girl. All that and more. Check it out, dig it.