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This Just In: Mermaids Are Fake

PZ-111 "Mermaids Are Fake"

Fox News airs a live suicide, when is it ok for guys to cry while watching a movie, Iceberg Hunters, Six Flags water-slide asshole, Matt embarrassingly bought into a fake Mermaid documentary, Pod Soup featuring The Radical Man podcast, The Kim Pagano Show, The Bumpass Podcast, The Pretty Good Podcast, The Perfect 10 Podcast and Your Straight Male Friend podcast. We check out the new Soundgarden, The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, we play Rob’s Obscure As Fuck iPod. Can Alan or Dave beat Matt? We discuss the best Roth-era Van Halen songs, we check out new ZZ Top because there’s nothing like rock from dudes in their 60’s, we talk about former NFL QB Jim McMahon’s dementia and whether or not playing football is worth it. We go a few minutes extra and get an update on Alan’s psycho sexual encounter, and what we should call this episode. Check it out, dig it.


New Show, "Just Add Lemon."

PZ 110 - "Just Add Lemon"

We open the show with a sweet jam from Eli Manning’s workout playlist, Alan sent a booty text to a crazy woman, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day throws a tantrum and then checks into rehab, more Pod Soup featuring Real Good Health, The Brian and Jill Show, Tommy Chong’s Pot Cast, The Kim Pagano Show and The Radical Man podcast. We talk Mitt Romney for about 4 minutes, we discuss the USA’s most dangerous jobs which turns into a story about a tree trimmer shitting in Matt’s back yard. The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, A cop shoots and kills a double amputee in a wheelchair, the lifespan of stupid white people, I married my daddy, too fat for murder, the Greatest Heavy Metal Albums of All Time and much more. Check it out, dig it.


New Show, New Cast.

The show has two new members: Alan and David Loring. What do you think?

PZ 109 - "Listen, Son!"

We came across The Radical Man podcast whose hosts discuss what it means to be a man. They think the media is subliminally turning men into the "village idiot." What do you think it means to be a man in 2012? Another edition of Pod Soup, son! The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week, Alan has an idea of what an MTV political show would sound like in order to bring politics to today's youth. We check out some new music from Ian Gillan, Aerosmith, Danko Jones and Stone Sour. Do you wear v-neck t-shirts? You might be gay... according to Malaysia. All that and more. Check it out, dig it.



Comedian Lahna Turner

PZ 108 - "Lahna Turner"

Comedian Lahna Turner (@LahnaTurner)joins us in studio to talk The Perfect 10 Podcast, comedy, husband Ralphie May, sing some songs, talk about black guys fucking fat white chicks, growing up in Texas and more. Also, Pod Soup returns, Matt gives an update on his health, show donations, and Funk. We play Rob's Obscure As Fuck iPod with Matt taking on Dave and newcomer Alan. The @JennyJohnsonHi5 Tweets of the Week and more in an extended show.
Dave, Alan, Lahna Turner, Matt, Brother Rob 


Tonight: Lahna Turner

Joining us in studio tonight, September 10th, will be the awesome comedian Lahna Turner. Lahna co-hosts The Perfect 10 Podcast (@Perfect10Pod) with her husband, comedian Ralphie May. We'll be taping the show for air on Extreme Talk XM 165 next week but, as always, we'll be streaming the show LIVE on the net from 8p to 10p PT. You'll be able to call in to the show, leave us a voicemail, join the chat room or just listen and enjoy.

When: Monday, September 10 - 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. PT
Stream: (audio only)
Call: 1-800-449-8686
Voicemail: 1-781-POD-SOUP

Perfect 10 Podcast: Lahna Turner, Ralphie May 


PZ with Lynch Mob

Brother Rob, Alan, George Lynch, Matt Cooper, Dave, Oni Logan (kneeling), Robbie Crane


Lynch Mob Interview

PZ 107 - "Lynch Mob"

Guitar legend George Lynch along with Lynch Mob bandmates Oni Logan and Robbie Crane joined us in the studio for 2 solid hours of music and conversation. We touch on Lynch Mob, play new songs "Slow Drag" and "Sucka," talk a little Dokken and George tells a story involving Stevie Nicks, cocaine and her butthole. The band couldn't have been more gracious and will return to play acoustically in-studio very soon. Check it out, dig it.



George Lynch in Studio Tuesday!